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The Chelsea Coffee Special - Get to Know the Story Behind the Buzza

Every coffee shop should have a signature something that sets it apart from the rest. For some, this comes in the form of corporate convenience. For others, it may be the eclectic space that houses the coffee shop or the live music it hosts on the weekends.

When a local coffee shop lives and breathes coffee and community, it may have a couple of these calling cards. Chelsea Coffee certainly counts itself as a member of this category, standing out from the crowd in a number of ways.

Aside from the eclectic environment, wholesome atmosphere, and cheerful staff, Chelsea has a spectrum of specialty drinks. Like many coffee shops, these innovative masterpieces tempt the taste buds and offer something delicious for every palette.

Among these creative concoctions, one stands out as Chelsea’s signature drink. Titled “Buzza,” there is more to this drink and its name than meets the eye. If you’re in the mood for a sippable sweet treat and a story that touches the soul, keep reading!

What’s the Buzz(a)?

A special drink demands care, creativity, and attention to detail. At Chelsea, we pour our hearts into every sandwich we stack and latte we craft. When it comes to our specialty drinks, we turn our game up to another level.

Whether it’s the mad scientist mixture from the mind of one of our wonderful baristas or the Buzza itself, these espresso-based beverages are a coffee lover’s dream come true.

Ingredients Make All the Difference

Like all top-tier lattes, the Buzza starts with the espresso itself. At Chelsea, we work with a local coffee roaster, Sweetwater Organic Coffee Co. Based in Gainesville, Florida, Sweetwater uses only the finest organic, Fair-Trade beans and roasts them with care. The quality is superb and acts as the foundation for our delicious fresh-brewed coffee.

With these fantastic locally-roasted coffee beans in hand, we pull an impeccable espresso shot. It takes skill, expertise, and attention to detail to perfect this art, then craft a delectable latte with just-right steamed milk. The result? A frothy, creamy, irresistible latte.

A table laden with everything needed to make a delicious latte, including locally-roasted coffee beans, pure sugar, various milks, and a collection of delicious flavors.

Now, for the flavor profile that sets the Buzza apart. As you expect from your favorite local coffee house, Chelsea uses high-quality ingredients to give its lattes that craveable flavor you’ve come to love. Our syrups and sauces are no exception, adding a pop of sunshine to even the dreariest Florida days.

The Buzza includes just the right amount of butter pecan and butterscotch to give it a rich, nuanced flavor profile. After getting the balance right, your favorite Chelsea barista then adds a generous drizzle of caramel to give the drink a sweet, silky touch.

Based on taste alone, the Buzza is a special drink concocted by Ocala’s best local coffee shop, but the real story can’t be found in a cup.

Coffee is Community; the Buzza is Family

There’s a reason so much of human connection revolves around food. From your goofy first date getting ice cream or hitting a drive-through to holidays and family dinners, much of your personal history could likely be told through the meals you’ve had and the people you’ve shared them with.

At Chelsea, there’s nothing more important to us than community and family. That’s why we strive to create a warm, welcoming environment where strangers and loved ones alike can gather to enjoy high-quality coffee, sandwiches, and more. Where there’s exceptional espresso and great food, family can flourish.

A beautiful latte with foam art in the shape of hearts sits atop a woodgrain table at Chelsea Coffee in Ocala, FL.

So, what does all this have to do with the Buzza? We’re glad you asked!

It all started with family. Chelsea Coffee is the passion project of Brenda, the owner of Ocala’s beloved local coffee shop. Her fingerprints are all over Chelsea, from the standard of excellence to the fun, quirky vibe the shop embodies.

As a child, Brenda would tag along with her dad as he drove his truck routes from the northeast United States all the way down to Miami, FL. Nicknamed “Buzza” as a child by his sibling who couldn’t quite pronounce the word “brother,” Brenda’s dad wore his title into adulthood.

Buzza was a hard-working man doing his best to care for his family, and the long trucking hauls were an opportunity for him and Brenda to bond. Starting around age six, an eager young Brenda would join her dad in his big rig and spend hours on the highway. As hundreds of miles of interstate passed, the duo would visit coffee shops and diners.

A plain coffee mug filled with piping hot coffee at a classic diner where Brenda and her dad would stop along his trucking routes.

These cherished moments with her dad are when Brenda fell in love with coffee, and the fire lit in her during these formative years never flickered. When she had the opportunity to buy Chelsea Coffee and realize her childhood dream, there was no question that her father’s legacy would be imbued in every home-baked pastry and thoughtfully-crafted latte.

The Buzza is not just a delicious drink to delight your taste buds; it is the essence of what makes Chelsea unique. Chelsea isn’t a corporate giant or trendy, sterile shop–it’s a hub of the Ocala community and a home to those who walk through its doors. It’s the place where generations gather, local businesses blossom, and relationships grow.

Chelsea is exactly the type of local coffee shop that would have inspired six-year-old Brenda, and the Buzza says it all in a sumptuous cup of coffee nirvana.

Come Try the Buzza

Whether you’re passing through, putting down roots, or were born and raised in Ocala, Chelsea Coffee is the local coffee shop for you. We encourage everyone to stop by our convenient location to grab a coffee to go or sit down and stay awhile.

From the moment you step into our shop and hear the cheerful “Welcome to Chelsea” ring out, know that your Chelsea story has just begun. Who knows, maybe you’ll have a drink named after you one day!

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