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Coffee & Tea


with the finest soups, sandwiches, quiche, & baked goods.

every day.

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Truly Great Coffee

At Chelsea Coffee Company, coffee is our craft.  It is our passion.  Excellent coffee drives and inspires us.  We are proud to offer the finest, fresh roasted coffee from Sweetwater Organic Coffee Co out of Gainesville, Florida.

You can count on us offering only the best with Sweetwater's micro batch roasts:

  • Certified USDA Organic

  • High Altitude & Shade Grown

  • Specialty-grade Arabica

Experience a variety of specialty whole bean coffee blends to grind at home or allow us to grind it for you in house before you go.   Our whole bean coffee is delivered every week, offering you the freshest Fair Trade roasted coffee in the area.

Stay and visit with friends while enjoying a delicious cup of hot or cold coffee and espresso blends. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will ensure that your cup of Joe is flawless with every visit.

Quality Soups, Sandwiches, & Baked Goods.


Chelsea Coffee Company is meant to be a gathering place to enjoy specialty coffee, teas, smoothies / chillers, soups and sandwiches, pastries / baked goods, and each other's company. We are your friendly neighborhood coffee shop: a place that serves the community with exceptional customer service, delicious goods, and a sense of comfort.

We use only the finest cuts of meat from Boarshead and our breads, bagels, and pastries are freshly prepared in house or from local bakers.

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Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


We love coffee. The taste. The smell.  And most importantly - the people who grow it.  We know it is our responsibility to work with roasters who have the same heart in mind.

Fairtrade Certified coffee is produced and traded through an alternative system from small farmers to the conventional global coffee market. Producers are assured a minimum price that is based on the costs of production. There is also a Fairtrade premium, which allots additional money to the coffee cooperatives to invest back into their community as they see fit.

Fairtrade is redefining the transparency in the small farmer selling market by putting people first. It allows us to live in greater harmony with the land. To leave a lighter footprint. To step forward without leaving others behind.

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Special Thanks!
To our friends at
The Peacock Cottage
for allowing us to use their beautiful plants and succulents in our photos.
Go check them out after you grab a drink and bite to eat with us -  just a few doors down - look for "Fancy Plants"
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