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Welcome to
Chelsea Coffee


Ocala's home for premium coffee, fresh-baked pastries, and quality food.

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to Chelsea

Stepping into Chelsea Coffee is more than the promise of exceptional coffee and eclectic homemade pastries, soups, and delicious food. It is an experience.


From the moment our friendly baristas extend their warm welcome, you’re no longer someone in need of a pick-me-up. You’re family.

The energy and eccentricity are contagious. Smiling faces fill the space as creative coffee concoctions fill the cups.


Chelsea Coffee is the gathering place for Ocala’s families, local professionals, and anyone searching for a fun, quirky coffee shop to call their own.


When we say “Welcome to Chelsea,” we’re really saying “Welcome Home.”


is Our Foundation

Chelsea is a small place that’s big on quality. 


We are unquestionably committed to making every aspect of our approach and your experience excellent.


The coffee is Fairtrade and organic, Boar’s Head meats pile high on our sandwiches, and the homemade pastries fill the space with mouthwatering scents. Everything we serve is prepared in the shop or sourced from local bakers.


The specialty drinks and craveable menu are not the only testaments to quality at Chelsea. Our commitment to community starts with hiring authentic people. We create a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy your experience and forge meaningful connections, and it starts with us.


From the personal touch of our baristas to the welcoming collective of regulars, Chelsea sheds the sterile corporate model in for genuine warmth and organic charm.


Quality is not just something we strive for; it is baked into the very essence of who we are.

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fresh roasted coffee beans
is Ocala's Coffee Shop


Chelsea Coffee is the hub of the Ocala community. It is casual, knowledgeable, relatable, and, most of all, welcoming.


Young families and seasoned Chelsea regulars contribute to the buzz of vibrancy that permeates the one-of-a-kind space. Bring your kids, your business, and your loved ones – Chelsea embraces them as only a community-focused small coffee shop can.


Opening the door to Chelsea is like stepping into your favorite sitcom. The radiant employees, electric energy, and consistent cast of customers are fresh and exciting – yet comfortable and familiar.


We’ve seen local businesses thrive, young love bloom, and faithful customers become the beating heart of our beautiful community here.


What will your Chelsea story be? We can’t wait to find out.

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Special Thanks!
To our friends at
The Peacock Cottage
for allowing us to use their beautiful plants and succulents in our photos.
Go check them out after you grab a drink and bite to eat with us -  just a few doors down - look for "Fancy Plants"
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