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What Makes
Chelsea Special


The Chelsea Coffee Story

Chelsea is Brenda’s dream come to life, and there is no question that her personality is in every detail of the shop. While her passion for quality coffee and food is clear, her motivation is derived from something much deeper – a childhood connection with her father.


Brenda’s dad, affectionately known as “Buzza,” was a hard-working man. A truck driver by trade, he worked long hours to provide for his family. He would often drive from the northeast to Miami, FL, on his routes.


Sometimes, Brenda would tag along. As young as six years old, she would load up in her dad’s truck and hit the road. Along the way, they would stop at coffee shops and diners. It was during these formative years with her dad that Brenda fell in love with coffee.


Today, Brenda carries those memories with her. She puts the love and passion of precious time spent with her father into her craft. From the fresh-baked pastries to the dedication with which she runs her business, the care is uncompromising.


Chelsea is more than the realization of a dream. It is a tribute to Buzza and the meaningful connection Brenda fondly recollects to this day. We hope you can feel the love every time you step into our shop.

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