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Should You Start Your Day with Coffee?

Most people have a morning routine they swear by. Whether you’re an old-school professional who reads the morning paper before commuting to work or a yogi who greets the day with deep breaths and stretching, your routine sets the tone for the day to come.

Unless you’re far different from us (probably extraterrestrial or something), coffee is likely an integral part of your morning. You sip it over breakfast, try not to spill it on your way to the office, and let the warm embrace of your favorite brew nudge you into the flow of the day. It’s practically a spiritual ritual to some.

A Chelsea Coffee latte with foam fills a white mug on a windowsill. A book with glasses resting on it is in the background.

While your morning routine may feel natural, there’s a question that must be asked–should you start your day with coffee? It’s a commonly accepted practice in the vast majority of cultures, but the underlying benefits (or lack thereof) are worth wondering about.

At Chelsea Coffee, we absolutely believe you should start every day with coffee (preferably from your local coffeehouse), but let’s dive deeper into it and examine the evidence.

Key Takeaways:

Starting your day with coffee is an established part of most people’s morning routine, but is it the best idea? As it turns out, enjoying your favorite brew in the morning has several advantages!

The Benefits of Starting Your Day with Coffee

Give Your Body (and Brain) a Boost

Some people are naturally energetic and ready to face the day the moment they roll out of bed. If that sounds like a far-fetched fairytale to you, join the club. Those who don’t throw off their bedsheets with giddy anticipation for the day ahead need a little boost to get their bodies and brains primed.

A woman works on her laptop with a mug of coffee in one hand. Her phone and glasses are on either side of the computer.

That’s where coffee comes in. That little caffeine kick that accompanies a cup of joe can help you shrug off sluggishness and kickstart your day. In fact, the physical and mental benefits are more varied and impactful than you might imagine.

  • Mental sharpness, including improved learning and productivity

  • Better memory recall

  • Higher social engagement

  • Increased energy levels

  • Better mood

All of these factors not only make your experience better but also the experience of those around you. It’s much easier to interact and work with someone who is feeling energetic and mentally sharp than someone who is not, so if you aren’t drinking Chelsea Coffee for yourself, do it for everyone else!

Enjoy the Antioxidants and Nutrients

Look, we’re not saying that coffee is a health food. Just kidding, that’s exactly what we’re saying!

Coffee is absolutely packed with antioxidants and nutrients that are incredibly good for you. Your favorite coffee drink boasts a nutrient profile that includes potassium, magnesium, manganese, riboflavin, and more. All of these are vitamins that are essential to your body’s health, which means that starting your day with a cup can actually benefit your well-being.

Antioxidants are also present in coffee. Known primarily for reducing inflammation, antioxidants can contribute to a healthier you that not only experience the benefits of reduced inflammation but also feels much better.

Ramp Up Your Metabolism

Your metabolic rate gets revved up when you drink coffee, meaning your body burns more calories when you are in a resting state. Without getting too technical, this is a result of the caffeine in coffee stimulating the nervous system, which then causes a hormonal increase that affects your metabolism.

A white cup of coffee rests on a wooden table. Rustic wooden elements surround it, and a vibrant green plant can be seen through the window.

While this boost to your metabolism is blunted as your body grows accustomed to coffee and builds up a tolerance to it, there are other benefits to coffee if weight loss or athletic performance are priorities to you. For example, coffee has been shown to lower appetites, resulting in a reduced caloric intake. In other words, a healthy amount of coffee can translate to shedding a few pounds.

Enhance Your Athleticism

Are you a morning workout kind of person? If you are, more power to you–we respect and admire you!

Whether you decide to get your exercise in the morning to jumpstart your day or you prefer to hit the gym another time, coffee can help you perform your best. The energy boost you get from coffee is well known, but there are other advantages to indulging in a coffee-based beverage before your workout.

Studies have demonstrated that coffee can help you perform optimally during a workout, including in the following ways.

  • Improved muscular endurance, power, and strength

  • Better aerobic endurance

  • Enhanced jumping, sprinting, and throwing performance

  • More fat burned as an energy source

  • Increased alertness and focus

A better workout means a better you, so don’t be afraid to have your morning coffee before your morning workout!

Perk Up With a Cup of Chelsea Coffee

Have you ever noticed that your mood improves with a cup of coffee? This is so common in American culture that we even make jokes about it with quips like, “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee.” As it turns out, there might be something deeper at play than a temporary boost in pleasantness.

A journal, some glasses, and a laptop rest on a wooden table. Beside them is a handmade ceramic dish with a matching mug filled with delicious Chelsea Coffee.

Research indicates that consuming coffee can actually help combat depression. The root cause of this effect is still uncertain, but it could be linked to the way that coffee enhances the effects of dopamine, leading to reduced symptoms of depression. For example, coffee and its influence on dopamine may reduce the presence of anhedonia (which is the inability to feel pleasure) and contribute to feelings of motivation.

While the research may be unclear, one thing is certain–visiting your local coffee shop in Ocala, FL, sure can’t help your mood, both on the surface and at a deeper level.

Power Your Morning Routine

A morning routine can be a powerful tool. It gets your mind ready, sets a positive tone, and builds momentum for the day ahead. Many of the most successful people out there swear by practically ritualistic morning routines. Even high-functioning institutions, such as special divisions of the military, implement rigid morning routines that establish a foundation for the day to come (and life in general).

Coffee can be an integral component of your morning routine. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, including coffee in your routine can create consistency, signaling to your brain and body that it’s time to gear up for the day. In fact, you might have already built this into your mornings and experienced the positive effects without doing so intentionally!

Chelsea Coffee - Your Go-To Ocala Coffee Shop

At Chelsea, we’re lucky to be a part of our regulars’ routines. We can’t express how much joy it brings us to see your smiling faces every morning, to know you by name, and to build relationships with you as time goes by. It’s one of the greatest benefits of being a local Ocala coffee shop!

If you’re looking to give your morning routine an edge, Chelsea Coffee has you covered. From a massive selection of coffee drinks to tasty pastries to a wholesome food menu, we have everything you need to start your day right. Throw in a healthy dose of Chelsea charm and friendly baristas, and your morning is sure to be bright.

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