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The Top Foods to Pair with Coffee at Chelsea Coffee

Like fractions of the universe destined to fit like puzzle pieces, some things pair perfectly. When things come together, they create instances of harmony that remind us of how beautiful life can be. Surely, you can name a few–Fall leaves and a cozy sweater, Polaroids and family memories, coffee and your favorite baked goods.

Okay, that last one may not be quite as serendipitous as the others, but it’s one of those moments where the blur of life seems to slow down just enough to be savored. Consider it a lapse in the chaos, a peaceful pause where bliss shuts out the noise.

Two cinnamon donuts rest on a burgundy napkin next to a mug of black coffee and a spread of coffee beans.

If you are searching for that taste of tranquility, you know that your local coffee shop is the place to find it. At Chelsea Coffee, we have scrumptious fresh-baked goodies to complement your coffee and transport you to that intersection of earth and heaven. When you’re staring longingly into our pastry case, desperately wondering which baked goods will best pair with your coffee, fret not–you’ll find our top food and coffee pairings right here!

Key Takeaways:

Pastries and baked goods go together well with your favorite Chelsea Coffee beverages. Pairing food with coffee is as much an art as a science; here, you’ll find our favorite food and coffee combinations.

The Best Food to Pair with Coffee

Nothing says “local Ocala coffee shop” like homemade food and delectable coffee concoctions. At Chelsea, we believe that quality is what differentiates excellence from average, which is why we use only the best ingredients to make our food and our coffee. When you stop by Chelsea Coffee, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best.

The Best Bagels and Coffee in Ocala

It’s hard to top the combination of a fresh bagel with piping hot (or icy cold since we’re in Florida) coffee. At Chelsea, we have an extensive selection of bagels ranging from classics like plain and everything to more creative options like sundried tomato and asiago–and that’s just the base!

Once you’ve selected your bagel, you can go as crazy or reserved with the toppings as you please. Butter and cream cheese are staples, but the options at Chelsea can get far more involved. Here are just a few of the fixings we offer on our bagels.

  • Breakfast meats, including bacon, ham, sausage, and lox

  • Scrambled eggs, egg whites, or boiled egg slices

  • A smattering of vegetables, such as spinach, tomato, red onions, roasted red peppers, capers, and more

  • Fresh avocado

  • American, cheddar, provolone, swiss, or gruyere cheese

  • Traditional hummus

A Chelsea Coffee everything bagel peeks out of a waxed paper bag next to a white mug brimming with black Sweetwater Organic Coffee Co coffee.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, Chelsea Coffee is all about giving you choices. Whether you choose from our selection of bagel specials or opt for a custom creation of your making, our bagels will hit the spot and pair incomparably with your coffee.

Quiche of the Day

Chelsea Coffee is known for making simple food the right way. Our crustless quiche is the ideal example of that commitment to excellence. It’s made daily, meaning you can try some of our favorites or new, creative options depending on the day.

From savory spinach to hearty bacon, our quiche is always packed with premium ingredients and punchy flavor profiles. Whether you’re sipping on a cup of freshly brewed Sweetwater Organic Coffee Co. coffee or a specialty latte, a slice of our daily quiche is a wonderful way to start the day or enjoy your lunch break.

Coffee Cake

If the name isn’t a dead giveaway, let us clear something up–coffee cake is coffee’s best friend. This sweet treat is designed to go with any cup of coffee and usually sports a healthy amount of cinnamon. One of the advantages of coffee cake is that it can be customized by the shop making it, imbuing it with the baker’s personal preferences and flair. Some are sweeter than others, some have a touch of spice, and others are swirled with various flavorings.

A delicious slice of coffee cake from Chelsea Coffee sits on an ornate plate with a fork. A green coffee cup is in the background.

Perhaps it’s the richness and bite of the cinnamon or the way the coffee cake soaks up your favorite beverage and gives it body. Whatever the sorcery is, coffee cake is an unmatched partner to a cup of your favorite brew.

Coffee and Donuts

It’s a cliche, isn’t it? Coffee and donuts seem destined to collide time and time again. Heck, they’ve even made breakfast cereals using this flavor combination!

Like all pairings that, like magnets, can’t escape the other’s pull, coffee and donuts are a classic duo for a reason–they are delicious together! While we can’t advise you to eat a donut for breakfast every morning (you do you, though), the sweetness of the delightful treat complements the earthier, richer profile of most coffee-based drinks. This food and coffee combo gets a 10/10.


There’s something exhilarating about walking into your favorite coffee shop in Ocala and seeing a wide variety of scrumptious muffins gleaming in the pastry case. From blueberry muffins and double chocolate chip, the wonderful thing about this any-time-of-day treat is that there’s something for every palate. Sweet, savory, fruity, or zesty. You name it, and Chelsea Coffee has a muffin that fits the bill.

One of the best things about the numerous types and flavor profiles of muffins is that you can choose one to complement your favorite coffee drink, no matter what it is. Grab a savory muffin to accompany your sweet Chelsea Chiller. Maybe snack on a blueberry and lemon muffin to cut through the richness of your latte. The choice is yours!

A Savory Selection of Sandwiches

Foods that go with coffee aren’t limited to breakfast. At Chelsea Coffee, we have the best sandwiches in Ocala, thanks to our high-quality ingredients and attention to detail. From our Hot Pastrami Reuben to our tantalizing Grilled Cheese Panini, our lunch menu is packed with sandwiches that will instantly cause your mouth to water.

A pastrami reuben sandwich from Chelsea Coffee piled high with pastrami and served with a pickle on a rustic wooden board.

If you are in the mood for a hearty lunch that packs a flavorful punch, Chelsea Coffee is your go-to sandwich shop. Pair any of our sandwich selections with a coffee of your choice, and you will experience the blissful nirvana that only a perfect meal can provide.

Any Pastry

Seriously, there’s not a single pastry in our display case that won’t elevate your coffee experience. This is partially due to the nature of pastries–they’re simply the ideal way to start your day or give your mood a boost in the afternoon. From flaky and delicious danishes to croissants stuffed with savory meats and cheeses, our freshly made pastries always hit the spot.

Did we mention that Chelsea makes its own baked goods? Every time you stop by our local Ocala coffee shop location, you’ll be greeted by a different selection of treats to tempt your taste buds and pair with your coffee.

Perfect Food and Coffee Pairings at Chelsea Coffee

At Chelsea, we’re all about quality. Quality coffee, quality ingredients, quality service, and (most importantly) quality experiences. We try to tailor every element of your visit to perfection, from our eclectic environment to our tantalizing treats.

That’s why we put so much effort and thought into crafting the perfect food and coffee pairings for you. No matter what your tastes may be, we’re a local coffee shop that is sure to give you a positive (and delicious) experience time after time.

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