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The Most Popular Coffee Drinks in America

With a plethora of choices ranging from all-time classics to hot new trends, there has never been a better time to be a coffee fanatic. While we may be spoiled for choice these days, there are a handful of coffee drinks that rise to the top of the proverbial latte foam.

These giants of the American coffee scene are the standard by which other drinks are judged. Not only are they delicious and packed with the caffeine kick you crave, but they are also the most popular coffee beverages in the land.

An artwork of the United States made of coffee beans.

So, whether you’re a seasoned coffee drinker with an affinity for the classics or a newcomer looking to build your coffee foundation, you’ll want to read on. Trust us; these drinks are worth checking out next time you visit Chelsea Coffee in Ocala!

Top Coffees in America

Millions of Americans regularly turn to coffee to kickstart their days. The caffeine is compelling, as is the role coffee plays in many people’s routines. With such a smattering of options to choose from, it’s not surprising that baristas receive a wide variety of orders covering everything from drip coffee to flat whites.

Of the hundreds of millions of cups consumed daily in the United States (yes, you read that right), a few drinks stand out as the most popular.

Drip Coffee

The classics are classics for a reason. In an age of trendy new coffee-based drinks and flavors galore, drip coffee remains a staple in American culture. This tried-and-true brew is enjoyed in homes and coffeehouses across the country, and for good reason—it’s quick, simple, and delicious!

Whether enjoyed black or with some dressing like cream and sugar, there’s no doubt that drip coffee will continue to be a household necessity for years to come.

Cold Brew

This smooth-drinking, highly-caffeinated version of coffee has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, and it’s clear why. It’s refreshing, features a rich coffee flavor profile, and can be enjoyed with a variety of additions and toppings.

Smooth Chelsea Coffee cold brew with cream swirls in two glasses.

For those making coffee at home, cold brew also offers the advantage of being easy to store. It can remain tasty for up to two weeks, meaning you can make a large batch and enjoy it with ease for many days following. Talk about convenience!

Iced Coffee

Including both cold brew and iced coffee on this list may seem a bit silly at first glance, but the two drinks are actually quite different. Where cold brew coffee is brewed over the course of hours (often up to an entire day), iced coffee is a more traditional brew that is then poured over ice.

The brewing method is only one of the many distinctions between cold brew and iced coffee. Iced coffee has a familiar bite to it thanks to its tinge of acid and bitterness. It tends to be balanced and aromatic rather than smooth and sweet. At Chelsea, we serve up the best iced coffee in Ocala. Whether you’re a purist who sips it black or you prefer to decorate it with cream, flavors, and more, you’ll find our iced coffee to be stupendous!


Ah, the latte. You cannot step foot in a local coffee shop without the sweet sound of steaming milk and the tantalizing scent of fresh espresso filling the air. At Chelsea, we specialize in craft lattes that range from classics like a vanilla latte to creative concoctions like our seasonal specialties.

A Chelsea Coffee latte with heart-shaped foam art surrounded by freshly roasted coffee beans.

The composition of a latte is 1/3 espresso to 2/3 steamed milk, making it a smooth yet rich drink that can be enjoyed as-is. Of course, most Americans enjoy flavors in their lattes, especially when it comes to trends like pumpkin spice lattes (PSLs). At Chelsea, we have all of the classic flavor combinations, as well as some unique offerings developed by our amazing baristas.


While often confused with lattes, cappuccinos share similar ingredients but are totally different from their espresso-based counterpart. Rather than the 1/3 to 2/3 ratio of the latte, a cappuccino is composed of a 1:1:1 ratio of espresso, milk, and froth (also called microfoam).

Known for being potent yet creamy and easy to drink, cappuccinos are a favorite of Americans. They can be had in their most basic form or fancied with additions like flavored syrups, various spices, or small amounts of sweetener.

At Chelsea, we can customize your cappuccino to your preferences. In fact, our baristas love playing with classic drinks to create fun variations, so don’t be afraid to experiment!


Rich, decadent, and quite popular, mochas are a staple among American coffee drinkers. They are known for being sweeter than other espresso-based drinks, thanks to the inclusion of chocolate syrup.

A Chelsea Coffee mocha with whipped cream rests on an outdoor table in Ocala, FL.

With a 2:2:1 ratio of espresso, chocolate syrup, and steamed milk, the flavor profile melds the nuttiness of espresso with the syrupiness of chocolate. The result is an easy-to-drink coffee beverage that appeals to those with a sweet tooth.


The throbbing heart at the core of most coffee shops is espresso. Ocala coffee shop, Chelsea, is no exception. We take great pride in perfecting every shot of espresso because it is the foundation on which all espresso-based drinks are built. If the espresso is superb, the other drinks will follow suit.

There is an art to pulling the finest espresso shots. From the grind of the beans to the tamping of the grounds to the temperature of the water, there are a myriad of factors that can determine the quality of espresso. When done correctly, it can be enjoyed as a pure coffee experience or used to make a host of other drinks.


As shocking as it may be, some coffee shops focus solely on espresso and omit drip coffee from their menus. In situations like these, an Americano is a suitable alternative. It is made exactly like a latte, but the steamed milk is replaced by hot water. The result is a drink that mimics the flavor profile of traditional drip coffee.

Two Chelsea iced Americanos in glasses sitting on a rustic wooden serving board.

While they are usually served hot and without milk, you can treat an Americano similarly to drip coffee. Feel free to add cream, sugar, and even ice to customize this simple espresso drink to your liking.


For coffee in Ocala, FL, it doesn’t get better than Chelsea Coffee. Whether you’re looking for top-quality classics or something unabashedly creative, we have it. We’re also one of the top spots for breakfast and lunch in Ocala, so stop by at any time to enjoy the best local coffee shop Marion County has to offer.

If you love learning about coffee or want more information about what makes Chelsea Coffee so special, we encourage you to check out our blog. It’s jam-packed with fascinating coffee facts, how-to guides, and local business goodies. We update it often, so check back regularly for the freshest content!

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