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Unusual Coffee Drinks You Should Try

One of our favorite things about the world of coffee is how adventurous and diverse it is. Unless you despise coffee in its entirety (sorry, we just can’t wrap our heads around that), there’s a beverage that fits your unique mood, preferences, and taste buds. You can get as creative or traditional as you please!

At Chelsea, we embrace the spectrum of coffee creations, offering everything from standard drip coffee to elaborate concoctions that are crafted to complement the season. If it involves brewing freshly roasted beans from our friends at Sweetwater Organic Coffee Co., you can count us in.

A spectrum of Chelsea Coffee drinks fill glasses at this local Ocala coffee shop.

For daring coffee drinkers who want to expand their horizons, Chelsea is your home away from home. As connoisseurs of everything coffee, we’ve compiled a comprehensive catalog of the most unusual coffee-based beverages you should try.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the dark corners of the strange yet scrumptious coffee depths, you’ve come to the right place. Consider us your guides on this quest of intrigue, wonder, and (of course) caffeine.

Interesting Must-Try Coffee Drinks

What makes a coffee drink peculiar? That depends on your exposure to coffee culture, where you are located in the world, and the creative liberty you allow your baristas (trust us; ours have a tendency to get a little wild). For example, a coffee that might be common in Spain may have an air of mystery to it in your local Ocala, FL, coffee shop.

To give you a solid foundation of oddball beverages, we’ve included everything from global delights to imaginative brews. With a smattering of unique drinks to try, we feel confident that this list will kickstart your journey into the obscure edges of delicious coffee creations.

Café Bombón

Popularized in Spain, café bombón roughly translates to “confection coffee” in English. It’s a fitting title for a drink that is both tantalizingly sweet and temptingly rich. Despite its grand name and exotic flair, a café bombón is an extremely simple drink consisting of only two ingredients—an espresso shot and sweetened condensed milk.

A cafe bombon in a glass cup shows its distinct layers of sweetened condensed milk and espresso.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you, though. This delightful little coffee is served in a clear glass, giving you a beautiful visual of the two layers—one dark and brooding, the other light and sweet. Give it a quick mix before drinking, and let the complex mingling of flavors dance on your taste buds. We think you’ll agree that it’s almost like dessert in a cup!


Hailing from Italy, affogato straddles the line between coffee and dessert—even more so than the aforementioned café bombón. While a debate could be had over whether affogato should be considered part of the coffee family, we think it’s worth mentioning on this list. After all, coffee is one of the three ingredients you need to make it!

A delicious affagota with espresso, gelato, and liqueur fills a proper glass at your favorite local coffeehouse.

As decadent as it is fun to pronounce, affogato is composed of espresso, gelato, and a splash of (optional) liqueur. Once this base is perfected, you can add toppings, such as a sprinkling of hazelnuts or some chocolate shavings. Then, you’re ready to enjoy your sweet, espresso-based treat.

Café Au Lait

Few things go together as well as coffee and milk, and the literal dozens of coffee drinks that include milk are a testament to this fact. If you’re on the hunt for an accessible version of this combination—one that you could make at home without a bevy of special tools—a café au lait is right for you.

With roots in France, a café au lait is simply a shot of espresso with steamed milk. No foam, no fancy flavors, and no complicated brewing methods are required. You can even substitute the espresso for concentrated coffee if you’re preparing a café au lait at home.

Traditionally, this coffee concoction is enjoyed with a sweet pastry. You dip your pastry in the café au lait, then drink the delicious (now sweetened) beverage that’s left behind. Sounds like a great way to jumpstart your morning!

Turkish Coffee

While many coffees in our modern world are an exercise in excess—adding flavors, experimenting with new techniques, and so on—Turkish coffee is the opposite. In fact, it is about as pure of a coffee experience as you can have.

The recipe is simple. Beans are ground into an exceptionally fine powder and then added to a copper coffee pot (called a cezve). Some people add milk or sweeteners to the brew, but always directly to the pot, not the individual serving cups.

Turkish coffee brewed in a traditional copper pot and served in a plain white mug.

Coffee purists will love the bold, rich flavor profile of Turkish coffee, but the texture may require getting used to. It is thick and features a top layer of foam. It may not be for everyone, but there are few better ways to saturate your palate with the raw flavor of the beans used in your brew.

Flat White

This espresso-based beverage has gained popularity in recent years, often drawing comparisons to the latte. As many baristas and coffee fanatics will quickly point out, however, a flat white is far from a latte variant. It is its own unique category of coffee drink.

A flat white coffee with beautiful foam art sits on a natural wooden board.

A flat white is made with a double-shot espresso and steamed milk, then finished with a top layer of micro-foam. This thin top later is velvety in texture, giving a flat white a special touch that differentiates it from a latte or cappuccino. It may seem like a minor change, but it makes a significant difference in the drinking experience. Flat whites also tend to have a stronger coffee flavor than their latte counterparts.

Swedish Egg Coffee

Yes, you read that right.

Swedish egg coffee does, in fact, involve an egg in the brewing process. The recipe calls for adding a raw egg to your coffee grounds before you begin brewing the coffee. This mixture is added directly to boiling water and then allowed to simmer. Soon, the egg and coffee grounds will float to the top of your pot before sinking to the bottom when the coffee cools. Simply pour the coffee through a strainer into serving cups, leaving the mixture of egg and grounds behind.

Why go through all the hassle, you might ask? Because Swedish egg coffee is a velvety, smooth-drinking brew with no acidity or bitterness. The methods may be unusual, but the results are phenomenal.

Chelsea Coffee – Your Go-To Ocala Coffee Shop

Whether you’re ready for egg coffee or would like to stick to good old lattes, Chelsea Coffee is a haven for coffee lovers of all sorts. From our welcoming Ocala coffee shop location to our friendly team of imaginative baristas, we’re confident that you’ll feel at home here, regardless of your level of coffee expertise.

To learn more about our local coffee shop, coffee culture, and the ins and outs of brewing the perfect cup, be sure to visit our blog. We update it regularly with tips, tricks, and coffee-themed content for you to enjoy!

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